About us


Since 2011 Tolle Engineering has been rolling under new ownership! This past year we have been busy restructuring the company and are now proud to introduce Tolle Engineering Reloaded! Our new logo, our new Facebook page and our soon-to-be-launched new website (including webshop), are all testimonials that we are committed and pushing hard to secure the Original Swedish Longfork inventor Tolle Engineering as a force to be reckoned with in the chopper and custom bike scene!

We are aiming high. We want to take Tolle Engineering to new levels when it comes to quality, design, and function! But we also want to maintain our legacy as The Authority when it comes to real chopper longforks and adjustable triple trees. Therefore we will continue to push our current product line-up including parts such as our Classic Adjustable Triple Tree (that made Tolle famous back in 1979) and our patented Pop-Up Gascaps. We will focus on quality and craftsmanship, as well expanding and securing a continuous stock in order to always ensure safe and fast delivery for our Classic Chopper customers.

And we will continue to expand our product line up.

We have also initiated a collaboration with Unique Custom Cycles and in short order we will offer UCC-style editions as well as UCC branded parts!

Last but not least: we will continue to push our product development. Rest assured, we have a lot of ideas in the works for new, cool, and innovative Chopper Shit... So stay tuned!

Benna Norén and crew.

Tolle Engineering - The Original Swedish Longfork.
Chop that Sucker!